To develop scientists and professionals committed to careers in cancer it is important to engage them early on during their education and we will continue to recruit undergraduates to the training program. However, in the interest of building research capacity at UPRCCC in a more timely fashion it is critical to focus on more advanced UPR graduate students and medical students, with the intent of exposing them to MDACC faculty and to building collaborationsand cultivating potential UPRCCC faculty.

The Summer Research Experience for undergraduates, graduates, and medical students consists of an 8-week research laboratory rotation at MDACC under the supervision of a faculty member. Students selected are required to spend a minimum of 200 hours in a mentor’s laboratory, as well as attend lectures and departmental and institutional grand rounds. The aim of the program is to provide first-hand experience in the areas of cancer research and insight into the varied career opportunities available in the biomedical sciences. A call for applications is sent out annually via the UPR System email and campus liaisons, followed by a recruitment tour in the late summer.

Summer Research Program Experience

How to apply Summer Research Experience

1: Enter in the U54 Partnership for Excellence in Cancer Research Summer Training Program link to Apply. Access the website:
2: The following documents will be requested.
3: College, Medical or Graduate Transcripts.
4: Curriculum Vitae.
5: One page statement specifying your interests, experiences and goals in Cancer Research.
6: Two letters of recommendation from a mentor and/or science faculty.