This program is intended to provide trainees counseling and frequent communication with mentors from the UPR cancer researchers and the Comprehensive Cancer Center (UPRCCC) researchers. Students that participate in the Summer Research Program are required to identify a mentor when they return to Puerto Rico in August.


  • To establish and follow-up on a development plan for the student (mentees) that includes educational objectives focused on Cancer Research, Medicine, and Prevention, including short and long term goals.

  • To guide and advice the trainees at all academic and/or training levels though the opportunities available within the scope of the Cancer Track structured within the Training Program.

  • To increase the sense of identity of the trainees with the partnership.

    To meet the long-term goal of grooming trainees to become potential   recruits as faculty for the UPRCCC and UPR System.

    Mentors Responsabilities:

        •    Foster the students development for the duration of their studies in the UPR.
        •    Establish a clearly delineated Student Development Plan.
        •    Follow-up with periodic communication (via emails and/or electronic chat)
        •    Meet with the student at least once a Semester
        •    Complete a biannual tracking survey on the trainee.