The University Of Texas Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences (UT-GSBS) and the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus (UPR-MSC) signed a formal agreement in December 2008 to develop an MD/PHD program with the medical training occurring at the UPR-MSC and the patient-based research PHD training at UT MDACC GSBS
The goal of this program is to train a cadre of outstanding physician-scientists in patient-based and translational oncology research who will form the nucleus of junior Hispanic faculty members at the UPRCCC, MDACC, and other institutions. Students in this program will enroll in the UPR-MSC, which will award the MD degree, and UT-GSBS, which will award a PhD degree based upon a dissertation in the broad area of cancer research

MD/PhD Program students complete the first three years of medical school at UPR-MSC-School of Medicine, including passing USMLE1 before beginning their PhD at the UT-GSBS.  After completing required courses and dissertation research, 3 to 5 years duration, they return to UPR to complete their 4th year of medical school.Each academic institution grants an individual degree.

This program is under the direction of the Deans at UT-GSBS and UPR-MSC. A combined program committee at the UPR-MSC School of Medicine monitors the students’ progress during both the MD and PhD portions of the curriculum.

Application Process: MD/PhD Program

Step 1:  Application to UPR Medical School and MD/PhD intent letter.
Step 2:  Accepted to UPR-School of Medicine.
Step 3:  Interview with the MD/ PhD Joint UPR and UT GSBS Admission.
Step 4:  Apply to UT GSBS (GRE is waived for MCAT).

Admission Requirements: MD/PhD Program

1. Bachelor’s Degree in a college
2. Minimum general grade point average of 2.50
3. Minimum science grade point average of 2.50
4. Specific courses in science, English, and Spanish

How to apply MD/PhD Program

For additional information regarding admission to UPR School of Medicine access: