Guillermo Bernal, PhD

Guillermo Bernal, PhD

Guillermo Bernal, PhD
Director, Institute of Psychological Research
787-764-0000 x-4179
Professor, Psychology Department
UPR – Rio Piedras Campus

Dr. Guillermo Bernal is the Director of the Institute for Psychological Research and Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences of Río Piedras. He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Massachusetts in 1978. His work is focused on education, research and service development in mental health, which has won him several awards in recognition of his hard work. His recent publications distinguished between issues on the treatment of depression, psychosocial interventions, intervention development and cultural adaptation research. Among his topics of professional interest are the effectiveness and efficiency of the research on adolescent depression, program development and evaluation of psychological services, matters of psychology and health in the Latino culture and other cultures, among others.

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