Cynthia M. Pérez Cardona, PhD

Cynthia M. Pérez Cardona, PhD

Cynthia M. Pérez Cardona, PhD
Associate Professor
Epidemiology Department
School of Public Health, Medical Sciences Campus UPR

Dr. Pérez-Cardona have acquired ample research experience in designing and implementing population-based and clinical studies in both infectious and non-infectious diseases, generating several publications and presentations in areas that include diabetes, metabolic syndrome, periodontal disease, HPV infection, hepatitis C and other viral infections. She was the principal investigator of the first population-based seroprevalence study aimed at estimating the prevalence of antibodies to viral hepatitis, HIV, and herpes simplex type 2 in Puerto Rico. Also conducted the first population-based study of the metabolic syndrome and associated factors in the San Juan Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico. Dr. Pérez-Cardona is involved in the design, execution, and data analysis of several research studies.

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