Moon S. Chen, PhD, MPH

Moon S. Chen, PhD, MPH

Moon S. Chen, PhD, MPH
Associate Director
(916) 734-1191
Population Research and Cancer Disparities, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
Professor in Residence/Professor

Moon S. Chen, Jr., Ph.D., M.P.H. is a nationally renowned expert in cancer health disparities, particularly as they affect Asian-American populations. He is UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's Associate Director for Cancer Control, leading a portfolio of research that addresses determinants of cancer risk and their mitigation in human populations. Determinants include access to care, behaviors (e.g., tobacco use, screening, etc.), socio-cultural factors, and the interactions of individuals with their environment and the health-care system. 

Additionally, Dr. Chen oversees shared resources for cancer epidemiology, which includes leveraging the California Cancer Registry, the world's largest registry of cancer data in a single geographical entity with the richest diversity of data on cancer in diverse racial/ethnic populations.  Dr. Chen also oversees shared resources for the cancer biorepository, an increasingly important source of biospecimens for investigating cancer causes.  He serves as a liaison with the California Department of Public Health, Kaiser Permanente Division of Health, and other external agencies.

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