Raymond DuBois, MD, PhD

Raymond DuBois, MD, PhD

Raymond DuBois, MD, PhD
Executive Center Director and Professor
The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University

Raymond DuBois, MD, PhD, is the executive director of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Biodesign is a research institute engaged in addressing critical global challenges in health care, sustainability and security by developing solutions inspired from natural systems that are then translated into commercially viable products and practices. DuBois has joint ASU appointments as the Dalton Chair, School of Health Solutions; and Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Dr. DuBois research is focused on understanding the molecular and genetic basis for colorectal cancer. My laboratory has several projects underway to understand the molecular mechanisms by which prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators affect epithelial biology, the tumor microenvironment, carcinogenesis and development.

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