Margarita Irizarry Ramírez, PHD.

Margarita Irizarry Ramírez, PHD.

Margarita Irizarry Ramírez, PHD.
(787) 758-2525 ext. 7035

Prostate cancer death rate in Puerto Rico is higher than the death rate for Hispanics in the United States and higher that the death rate for Whites in the United States. Our laboratory is interested in addressing this health disparity through collaborative, translational, genomic and proteomic approaches. Presently we are studying relationships between ancestry, Prostate Cancer associated polymorphisms and Prostate Cancer severity. We are also assessing the use of novel biomarkers in conjunction with clinical parameters to elaborate a multivariate predictive model. The long term goal is to diminish the death rate disparity by achieving a  better understanding of the phenotype of this disease among Puerto Rican men.

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