Course INTD 8996


Emerging Technologies Course

COURSE TITLE:                            Emerging Technologies for Detection and Treatment of Cancer

CODIFICATION:                            INTD 8996


This course presents a general overview of the most common cancers with emphasis in clinical aspects, as well innovative technologies for their detection and treatment. Interactive lectures and other learning activities will be offered by guest speakers, visiting professors from other academic institutions and faculty from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

Maribel Tirado - Basic Concepts of Cancer
Noridza Rivera - Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
Priscilla Magno - Esophagus Gastric Pancreatic Cancer
Reynold Lopez 1 - Intro Breast Cancer
Reynold Lopez 2 - Breast Cancer Surgery
Alexis Chacon - Bone Marrow Transplant
Curtis Pettaway - Prostate Cancer
Jose Lozada - Lymphomas and Myelomas
Ricardo Sanchez - Prostate Cancer

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