The Puerto Rico Cancer Control Community Outreach Project (PRCCCOP) began as a two-year pilot project in 2006, with a goal of engaging community, government, and non-governmental organizations in coordinating tobacco control efforts in Puerto Rico. This pilot exceeded its expectations over its two years existence and was transitioned to a full program that continued efforts in tobacco control, but also expanded our focus to include efforts to increase breast and cervical cancer (B&C) screening and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination uptake. Over the last five years, the PRCCCOP has worked with community partners and U54 trainees in identifying areas of cancer control need and building capacity for both community-based participatory research and program implementation.

Specific Aims Outreach

1a: Increase capacity among U54 investigators and trainees, Healthcare providers (HCP) and Community- Based Organizations (CBOs) to implement and sustain evidence-based cancer control programs in Puerto Rico
1b: Develop community-based research projects that build on existing partnerships and provide CBPR training opportunities through new grant applications, additional data collection, and manuscript development.
1c: Identify factors influencing participation in clinical trials and develop intervention plans to increase participation among Puerto Ricans.

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