Ramón (Ray) Lugo III

Florida Space Institute
12354 Research Parkway
Partnership 1 Building, Suite 214
Orlando, FL 32826-0650
Tel: 407-823-6172


Dr. Félix A. Miranda, PhD

Chief, Antenna and Optical Systems Branch
NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Road
MS 54-1, Bldg. 54, R. 130
Cleveland, OH 44135
Tel: (216) 433-6589


Dr. David B. Janes, PhD

1205 West State Street
Box 1006
Birck Nanotechnology Ctr.
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
Tel: 765-494-9263

Monsi C. Román

Exploration Life Support Project Manager/
ECLSS Chief Microbiologist
Mail Code VP33
NASA/ Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL 35812
Tel: 256-544-4071



Dr. Arlín Toro Martínez, PhD

Department of Biology, Chemistry
and Physical Sciences
InteramericanUniversity of Puerto Rico
San Germán, Puerto Rico 00683
Tel: 787-264-1912


Mary Sandy

Virginia Space Grant Consortium
600 Butler Farm Road, Suite 2200
Hampton, VA 23666
Tel: 757-766-5210

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