To achieve the objectives above and the goals set out in the NASA Space Grant Strategic Plan, the NASA Implementation Plan for Education, and the local Science and Technology requisites for Puerto Rico in the 21st Century, the PRSGC will use a multifaceted and balanced approach that includes:

  • Alliances with major systemic education efforts in Puerto Rico and NASA-funded initiatives: the Puerto Rico Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (PR-CETP), the Puerto Rico Statewide Systemic Initiative (PR-SSI), and ISMuL, leading to a robust program of activities at the elementary and secondary levels
  • The production of a new set of informative materials and the creation of new non-academic affiliates to reach out to a much larger cross-section of the population
  • An ambitious program to stimulate competitive proposal submissions to NASA's Strategic Enterprises
  • Strong undergraduate and graduate level fellowship programs remain as a fundamental component of the Consortium

Goals Objectives
A. Increase the number of students pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in STEM areas
  • Provide fellowships and scholarships to STEM students participating in projects pertinent to NASA
  • Strengthen existing graduate programs by sponsoring research travel and internships at NASA centers for students and faculty
  • Provide research experiences to STEM undergraduates at four-year colleges
B. Enhance PR's research capability and infrastructure in areas relevant to NASA
  • Provide seed grants in areas relevant to NASA as evidenced by collaborations with NASA centers
  • Promote college-level hands-on hardware projects: such as robotics, balloon sat and rock sat projects
C. Infuse pre-college education with exciting STEM activities to increase students’ interest in STEM careers
  • Provide a range of professional development workshops for in-service and pre-service teachers
  • Promote the incorporation of NASA-related science topics and content in the pre-college classrooms through teacher workshops that make use of NASA content and NASA educational materials
D. Disseminate exciting information about NASA to the general community to build support for the enhancement of STEM education and research
  • Involve mass media in the dissemination of news about NASA accomplishments and NASA spinoffs that enhance our quality of life
  • Support the training of pre-service teachers as general public educators through internships at science museums and similar facilities

"The Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium is funded through a NASA Training Grant"

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